• Grants for Building the American Dream

    One of the most common dreams among people of the world today is the dream of home ownership. Although there are several factors to consider in order to achieve this dream, there are major contributions to the possibility as well.

    Many people put off attempting to buy their first or own home due to lack of funds. That makes perfect sense because it is an essential part of the process. However, there must be some way to help lessen the blow and achieve the dream even faster. Right, you are. There are grants available for home purchase that can contribute to funding that you currently have in possession.

    There is almost a guarantee that any mortgage company will require a down payment on the home you purchase. Well, that being the case, you should seek a grant to help out in that area because they are available and many people result to this type of funding. It enables them to buy their home with less of an initial investment of their own personal money and it moves them closer to home ownership at a much faster pace.

    There are certain situations that increase your chances of being able to acquire a home purchasing grant. New home owners, veterans and charity members of programs that assist the disabled are at a great advantage of gaining approval for this type of grant. If your home will be used for special circumstances such as caring for disabled or foster children, you may also have greater opportunities of grant approval.

    Once you’ve decided to apply for a home purchase grant, it’s important for you to identify the available resources. HUD and government websites are a great place to begin. You should find useful information to help you get started with the process. Obtain an EIN for businesses or a TIN for individual applicants. These can both be obtained through the IRS webpage. You will also need a DUNS number to apply for online grants. All of these numbers will be needed to register with the CCR which is an annual requirement to maintain eligibility for grants.

    You will finally need to become registered with a credential provider who will verify your identity as you register for any home purchase grants for which you qualify.

  • Grant Approval Timeline

    One of the most common questions in the process of grant application is how long will the process take. People or businesses want to know, how long before they know if they’ve been approved. This is important for a couple of reasons but mostly in order to help you have the funding needed before the project, business or school begins. Therefore, it is essential to get the ball rolling in time to correct any mistakes and meet all deadlines.

    Actually, there are several different timelines and deadlines that accompany the grant process. It is common in grant funds that there are a variety of differences and it’s not easy to specify a general guideline in regards to timing. In other words, the variety of grant agencies is so great that it is virtually impossible to pinpoint a specific answer that correctly justify each grant. However, there are a few key points of critical consideration that applies across the board of expectations.

    Consider the individual process of the grant application. Some are lengthier than others and may require a bit more time overall to complete. It is easy to procrastinate because the process seems simple but it’s important to familiarize yourself with the details of each step to ensure that you are capable of completing it on time.

    Take into consideration that there must be a great deal of research conducted before applying for grants as well. Before you begin the application process, look into the various types of funding for your needs and apply to only the ones that you fully qualify for. This prevents you from wasting time on an application that will never be approved anyway.

    Be sure to complete the application in full. This prevents your grant application from being overlooked due to discrepancies or error. There is no justification in spending such large amounts of time applying for a grant and not supplying all of the necessary information. This completely diminishes your chances for a timely approval.

    Consider deadline restrictions. There are certain grants that offer year round applications but there are some that enforce deadlines. Be certain of the deadline conditions of the grant for which you are applying. After all, why waste time applying for a grant that is no longer accepted.

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