• Women in Business

    A new business start-up requires a great deal of effort and clearly a lot of planning. There’s the need to develop a plan, devise a blueprint for your plan and finally execute your plan. Oh, there’s another minor detail that you definitely need to consider, the financial means to execute your plan.

    Funding for small businesses is no minor detail and there has to be careful consideration of several factors. In addition, you must calculate start-up capital and how it applies to your overall vision. The process of securing finances can be a bit involved for anyone who starts a business. However, women have a few added options that make the acquisition of finances more encouraging.

    Women are topping the pyramid in new business start-ups. They are moving forward in various industries and heading up productive new businesses all around the globe. Part of the reason for such a rapid growth in women owned businesses is because of the massive number of grants that are available for them to start their own business.

    Women who desire to own their very own business should follow a few simple but necessary steps to secure funding such as grants. Begin by creating a detailed business plan. This is a layout of the financial, marketing and management forecast for at least the initial five years of the business. Be certain to include all of the start-up costs and investment revenue that is necessary to develop a lucrative business.

    You should then allocate a certain amount of time to conduct intensive research in finding any and all available grants. Utilize your online resources, local and state level Women’s Business Organizations and visit any other women’s funding sources as well. During the process of your research, focus on those grants that apply to your particular business needs and select those that you or your circumstances qualify for directly.

    Finally, it’s time to apply for grants that will provide funding for your new or expanding business. Complete all of the applications completely and remain within the restrictions of all deadlines. Proof your grants thoroughly. Mistakes can essentially cost you an approval. It is not a bad idea to have a second pair of eyes review the grant before submission. Once it is completed, send it in and await your approval. You’re on your way to being a successful business woman.

  • Grants for Single Moms

    Although grants allocated specifically for single mothers may be hard to come by, there are yet a variety of options available for single moms to fund their education. Grants are viewed as scholarships granted on a need-based criteria and come from a wide allocation of funders. Corporations, federal agencies and non-profits are all capable of funding grants that don’t require any form of repayment.

    Unique grants are available for women, returning students and low-income structured households. The purpose of the grants is to help individuals who face unique situations effectively overcome obstacles that people under these circumstances sometimes face. Need based grants are subject to change in regards to amounts and this is according to the type of grant received. The amount of grants for single mothers can offer amounts as small as $100 while others may be enough to cover a full tuition and any additional fees. It is important to note that there are some colleges that make discount provisions toward tuition for single moms as well.

    For most single mother grants, the first step to qualify of course is to verify that you are indeed a single mother. Different grant associations require various types of proofs for this phase of the qualification process but nothing too out of the ordinary. I mean, don’t expect to have to take a blood test in order to verify that you have children. However, it is a good idea to gather any court orders or tax documents that indicate you as the sole provider for the child.

    There is sometimes a need to present proof of need by presenting requested documentation to show that there is a financial need. This is applicable for the process of any FAFSA applications. This is to be expected when applying for any government issued grant.

    Private grant agencies tend to use a need based application as well. There are a few private foundations that target single mothers with low incomes as grant recipients. However, when applying for grants not based on the single mother criteria, there are other criteria that must be satisfied as well.

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