• Should your non-profit apply for grants from funds?

    Getting grants is not unusual, especially in the case of non-profits which sometimes get more than 25% of their income from grants from funds. The number and value of the grants depends on the state of the economy. In a rising economy the number of grants will also rise, but that does not mean that in a falling economy you should not explore this opportunity.

    Individual donors offer almost 75% of all the grants for nonprofits while the rest comes from corporations. Corporations, having a larger financial power, give important grants, but also have more requirements to be met by the companies that send an application.

    Going for grants for fund is not only recommended, but might be a requirement if you want your non-profit to survive and the way to do it is through networking. The first place you should start exploring to find grants is your local community. This is a good tactic because you can influence the people in your community and gain their trust. They can see what you do, what your values are and, chances are, that they even worked with you at some point so they are more likely to sustain your cause. Start building credibility and talking directly to a group of supporters who have a lot of influence locally.

    If you built relationship locally and got funding in your area you can go for more valuable national or regional grants from more influential funders.

    One way to find good funders is to rent ready-made databases of such funders. This will save you a lot of time, which you would otherwise spend doing research and you can get introduced much quicker to the people that can actually make the decision of offering the grant. Keep an eye open for newspaper articles that may feature possible funders.

    Is your nonprofit new? Don`t let that limit your possibilities. Most people think that if a nonprofit is new it has few chances of getting grants. The reality is that the size and age of a nonprofit is not always an issue, investors being more interested in the profile of the nonprofit, its ties with the community, its plans and if the managers seem motivated enough to actually put the money to good use.

    If you are still undecided try testing the ground. Small foundations do not always require a big proposal package so you could send a letter of inquiry and ask about the possibility of getting a grant. If they are willing to do it or even slightly interested they will give you a response and tell you what their requirements are and what they expect from you.

    Go ahead and use the power of grants from funds to achieve your goals and do good in this world.

  • Funding for Graduate School

    There is usually a strong sense of urgency for many students to further their education by moving on to grad school. There is not always a parallel of availability of funds to match that urgency. Graduate school financing is seldom accomplished with the help of other affiliates. The basis of this funding carries no contingent of being need-based. The funding targets basis of merit.

    Any awards of financial funding for graduate studies typically appear as assistantships granted for research teaching or fellowships. Various durations qualify for a variety of funding awards. Fellowships on competitive national stance are typically granted directly to the student by agencies of the state or private sectors. The majority of these fellowships are applicable at most universities and can be used wherever the student is enrolled or been admitted too.

    Fellowships play a major role in the development of professional careers for doctorate and professional graduate students. The goal is to supply a financial means for the growth of professional education and in turn help to develop the economic growth in a positive return. The economy is dependent upon the growth of a variety of industries in order to experience general inclines in the economic state of the government.

    Without these fellowships, many students wouldn’t have the opportunity to afford a graduate or post graduate education. This makes the granting of fellowships a necessity for many to move forward and pursue the career of their dreams. Students from all over are afforded the opportunity to study wherever they like. There are many students that study abroad due to the availability of fellowships for their education.

    Graduate schools often have resources listed on their website as well as on campus. Students are encouraged to find the ones that will best meet their needs. Many fellowship programs are offered to stimulate growth in the medical, science, industrial and economic genres. The success rate of students who are awarded these grants is essentially greater because there is less financial pressure during the course of study.

    Fellowships are usually a common knowledge of graduate students by the time they reach graduate school. There is generally a great buzz around campus regarding which ones are available. Lighten the load of your graduate years with the help of a fellowship program.

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