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  1. I was working on tools to use in career clubs with my current job that I realized I have come up with a tool worth further researching on. However, I have no idea where to start from in my new project to conduct a full research on this tool because I will need to funds to carry it out.

  2. Ek is n enkel ma, wat graag n klein besigheid wil begin en ook werk kan verskaf aan ander enkel ma’s. Ek maak juwele, klere, handsakke en maak ou meubels mooi vir binnehuis versiering. Die rede hoekom ek dit wil doen is omdat ek n seun het wat Sistiese Fibrose het en ek moet hom onderhou. My seun moet oor n jaar na n skool gaan vir kinders met spesiale behoeftes. Ek moet hom self behandil by die huis. Ons het nie n huis nie en bly by my ouers . Ek sal dit wardeer as u my kan help Dankie

  3. Thanks for adding our organization. Guess this is a wonderful group as we look forward to a fruitful partnership.

  4. We need funds for our business dream.already we have certificate.our dream,we want to build a small lodge,for camp

  5. You want us to choose from only two types of grants , what about us who have business dreams but need access to funding?

  6. I am a 21-year-old mother of 6 who is seeking assistance on a project to build an apartment building in order to be able to finance and support my children’s education. I also wish to help people who suffer from situations similar to mine that were unfortunate to have a house of their own.

  7. Hello sir,am a young Gambian by the name sulayman.sir am please seeking for financial aids to continue my education in marine and also to start up commercial transport business

  8. Action Targeted Against Rural Exodus is a non profit organization operating from Nguti Kupe Muanegba South Region of Cameroon. our objective is to discourage rural exodus of the young to the cities living the old behind to scratch soil for no meaningful harvest.To achieve this is to inhance meaningful development to the rural viz sanitation, portable water, electricity education to name those basics. Some time ago there was a cholera epidermic break out in Pete Bakundu which swept away several lives. Cases of diarrhea r still come up time without number.We are asking if we can get funding from your organization to provide the comunity with modern pit latrines. Thanks Best Regards.

  9. I wish to to obtain funds to kick-start a youth development project through a political party formations as a vehicle. Do you consider project like that?

  10. I’m dipolelo staying in Qwaqwa I’m interested open the franchise I have all the documents like franchise agreement-lease agreement -a good business plan -the problem I don’t have a start up as they need a contribution the franchise 1,3million there I’m getting ever thing stock -cutlery- setup

    please help

  11. very happy about this opportunity i am a graduate from a business school what are the procedures of acquiring business grant i want to start a piggery project and many others thanks

  12. Construction of a Girls Hostel a 4-roomed. To promote Girl Child education as are one of the neglected in some areas of our societies.

  13. I need funds for my project on improving maternal health through provision of fully packaged maternity kits, that can help the mother have a safe birth and good postnatal care.

  14. Thank you for all you are doing, i would like to know what is your coverage in terms of location for you to get a grant? Am i Uganda as a country found in Africa, am i still eligible as long as i go through your procedures?
    Thank you and hope to hear from you.

  15. I request you Gants Funds to Give ME tips about how to access grants from International Philanthropists. We need grants to facilitate the activities of our Charity in Kasese, Uganda. These activities include provision of paid for nursery and Secondary School Education, provision of Nutritious Meals. Planting trees. etc.

    Bishop Jackson Nzerebende
    Executive Director
    13/ 11/ 2016
    +256 772713736

  16. Please we run a charitable foundation in Cameroon that works with the less privileged children. I want to fine out how we can get funds to educate 200 orphans and street children in 2017. Please your help will do us a lot of good. Thanks and best regards

  17. The management of Ark Development Foundation( ADEF) has just come across your website..we would like to get in touch with you to discuss issues of mutual interest.ADEF is a non-profit making organization based in jinja Uganda.We major in agriculture and many other economic development activities.we shall furnish you with more inforrmaotion about us through outr letter ofc inquireley fairlyr soon.
    thank yiou,
    abbey makumbi

  18. This is very important, I leave in a community which needs to be taught in how to start and maintain their businesses. How do I go about it?.

  19. I am a financial adviser to most of rural municipalities and I would like to know more about grants that is how to access them.
    2.How can I work with your company to access funds for private developments.

  20. I’m Margaret Mabulane a young start up farmer from Elandskraal in Limpopo with a 60ha of land was requesting your help with funding as I believe that agriculture is the food based solution for mainstreams struggles of poverty, unemployment and inequalities, sustainable agriculture will bring about to cover different facets that may be incorporated into realizing these increasing elements.
    With the believe that farming business is as much diverse, with food producers,innovators,entrepreneurs,employers or preserves the environment, it tells that farmers embody a multitude of roles I.e economy and society.
    The great pleasure of knowing that farmers always guarantee tomorrow’s food security, it gives me again pleasure of thanking you in advance.
    Your positive feedback on my application will highly be appreciated and rated.
    Best Regards.

  21. im staring a small farming business where i’ll be dealing with crops..
    so i would like to get your help with finacial so i could have a start of the particular business and i will be gald if you help me.

  22. I run a community school known as Royal Line Christian School in Lusaka, Zambia for less privileged children. At the moment the school is operating in a rented building.

    I have secured a piece of land in the countryside on which I intend to build a one by three classroom block, but I don’t have sufficient funds. I therefore request US$7,000 to help me construct the block.

  23. We start the means of opening the crech but we had the challenge of fund ,it is start ed bu daycare centre which was helping the parents whom are working by looking after their child we had the children from 3 months and ended having 39 children but were Very informal to run the project as next year we are looking to register as NGO but we foresee challenges of fund could you please help us

  24. I really just have a question. Do the Federal Government have anyone representing them call citizens informing them they have a free grant waiting for them?

  25. I’m need 80.000 to pay my son school he pass well and I lost job two yes back and did tray do bussines bt I’m straggling with funds for start up can u pls help me for paying my son school fees pls

  26. My name is Arthur Momah. I have a company call Diligent security service inc.located 11th street Liberia/ Monrovia. Sir this company is very poor , I need partner to help and upgrade my company. Such as computer, security handset radio, Barton, security belts.sir pray that God should speak in to your heart so your help me.

  27. hi.what do u need from my side to qualify cause now i have my training and my demonstration .the good i have mintor

  28. I am interested in setting up a rural tourist business (small business grant), but need a start up grant to achieve this dream. Any assistance towards this will be appreciated.

  29. Dear Sir/Madam.
    Greetings to you in the of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Give the way am i able to receive that of scholarship you have offered that grant because you told me that I have secure the WMF\’s $ 3000 scholarship check on your E-Mail;Grants which you sent me yesterday on 14th March,2017 how I get money?Because you have been sending since last year,2016 up today but I have received nothing if there is any FORMS Please send them PDF or WORD or Please call me on my mobile phone +260978845893.

    Again I have informed the organization to fight poverty here ZAMBIA through Education,Health,Agriculture and other many more is anon profitable even is already registered with a certificate.Please can you grant $ 4000 DOLLAR as starting capital.
    I wrote even a letter in January,2017 to your Director concerning scholarship because I want continue with secondary ask the Director.God bless you.
    Yours Sincerely.
    Rev.Timothy K.Sinyangwe.

  30. My name is Thelma. Am from Mpumalanga eMalahleni. I had a manufacturing business we supply and manufacture signage and road markings. We had all machines and resources. We\’ve operated for a period of 10 years. Until someone just come and stole everything we worked for on 2013 December. But I never give up in 2015 I decided to restart again. I have registered business with the same industry and all relevant document but am still struggling with machines to operate can someone help with funds or equipment my number: 076 756 9399.

  31. dear sir
    my name is Quinton hassen I come Harare Zimbabwe I would like to start my own business bt I am having it hard to find cash to start my own project pliz may u pliz assit me I would like to start my project in transporting goods bt to start this project I need one hundred thousand dollars to start my aim is to spread this business within the sadc region help to create jobs within the region
    thank u for ur time hope to hear frm u soon
    urs faithfully
    Quinton hassen

  32. Hi I am a single mother of four so I am thinking of starting a business of poetry and drawing on duevet,carpet, curtain ect so I was hoping to get grantsfund but with no luck I keep applying and my application keep failing pls help me because I want my kids to have a better life and a better education and also help others support their own family pls help

  33. Am a young woman named Winnet from South Africa,I have started a business already on a small scale.My business is a food industry business where i deal will groceries ,take aways ,refreshments ,catering and also want to make it in a restaurant way where customers can come in and sit in to eat.Am in need of Funding or sponsorship for my business to expand it to enable me to create employment to reduce crimes and avade poverty in our community. Thank you

    Contacts : 064 607 8503

  34. I got my first degree in civil Engineering, i want to get my master in project management, but i don\’t have money. I m kindly asking Grants Funds to please help me achived my dream .

  35. I am a middle age SA woman from an under developed rural area. I have initiated a group of women who are having an interest in making a clothing corporative business. Our business is manufacture clothing for different categories, name work protective wear, school uniform. bending, beaded art wears and many more. We are a registered business already in operation. We find it difficult to supply bigger project hence we do not have big infrastructure and industrial machines. Therefore we are desperately in need of funding to grow our business. Our main objective is to employ more women and unemployed out of school youth and to develop our community economy.
    Best regards
    Contact: 0732291021 / 0606154836

  36. I\’m pastor Christopher Phiri of Zambia Africa. I\’m looking for 40,000 dollars to buy land and build in Zambia Africa. Well wishers can contact me on this email address. Pastorchristopherphiri@yahoo. Com.

  37. Am a pastor who was trained in foundation for i need of grant to buy the water pump and the pipes.

  38. am a small scale farmer dealing in maize production and seeking advice on how to obtain a government grant to expand my business to a small scale milling company.

  39. I\’m Jonathan mwansa and my two colleges running an NGO called Stars Arise our area of focus is on education programs for in and out of schools youths about drug addiction, youth skills identification, women skills and financial food security empowerment through small scale farming and gardening. As an organisation we seek more information on how we can access funding from the foundation. Also we ask for the grant periods here we refer to when you start call for proposal and when you end.

  40. Founfation for sustainable livelihoods is a civil society organization based Sukuta nema, Gambia, wedt Africa. The intends to support vulnerable and marginalized mermber of the soviety more so women,youths who use backway to Europe and children who lost parental care (orpans) and those at the risk of losing parental.. The foundation intends to support these category of these vulnerable people with educational, economic, health and psychosocial .To ensure sustainabiliity of our intervention; we normally form and strenghten management and also support them with income generating ventures in order to reduce their dependent on foreign aides. We are presently looking for external support or partnership in impllementing our strategic plan 2017 \

  41. Hello my name is Florence Otieno a teacher by profession I would like to futher my studies in Canada in the university of Manitoba .I am requesting for the funds in order to do my master\’s degree in the same field .I am yet to graduate with a bachelor\’s degree in early childhood education in November this year and I would like to continue with my studies. Hoping that my request will be given a consideration and looking forward to hear from you thank you

  42. Hello my name is Bernadette and i am an executive director of a disability based NGO called imagination childrens learning center in there anyway we can acess grants to carry out community outreaches and home based care for the disabled children who are needy in our rural communities and we are also looking at empowering their families .

  43. Hi, I am looking for scholarship to further my education in the university level and I don\’t want an online tuition. l just want to know how to apply for that. Thank you.

  44. I thank the organisation and the management ,for the work is doing to the nation or world,
    God bless you,
    Am seeking for help with the children of visual impairment in RAMANDU CHOICE OF PEACE.

  45. Am pastor francisca idachaba from Nigeria. I am in to a project on how to bring hope and to save People with deabetics in the rural área. How can i get the fund for this project?

  46. Hello!
    I am Adem Gashi from the Republic of Kosovo.
    The reason why I decided to send this message to your address has to do with a project that I have created and want to implement.
    This project is a magnificent monument which it is dedicated to peace and I named it the Monument of Peace.
    This monument is a work of monumental art and it is created based on art values where all artistic elements are included to become a great work and it is unique based on the large proportion, way of creation and the meaning.
    To realize this major project, needed a lot of money , Which after many attempts I can not assure.
    Please can you help me in realizing this project, If you can not help me, Do you have any idea how to implement this project

    Thank you

    Adem Gashi
    Republic of Kosovo

  47. I am an Elder in a small Church in Imo State Nigeria. I need a grant to start a poultry/snailry/fish pond/vegetable orchard within the Church compound to ensure regular payment of the Pastor\’s salary and help parishioners as and when the need arises.

  48. Hi, thanks for the good work. Am from Kenya, God bless you. Am humbly requesting for help, I am expecting and will deliver in December but apparently my husband lost his job and I am jobless. We can barely afford money for antenatal services and have not attended any antenatals so far due to lack and we don\’t even know how we will pay for my delivery and buy stuffs for the incoming baby, kindly help us out please to Welcome our baby in December.
    Republic of Kenya.

  49. I need your financial support . I want to
    build chaplain entrepreneurial school for the motherless children and the needy youths for free- school fees

  50. am from Kenya.Requests for research grant to undertake a crucial herbal medicine research,that is its effect on viral infections.Need grow the herbs to extract the medicinal products as well as processing.Need also collaborate with other partners to do extensive research on this product .
    currently working as HIV HEALTH care personnel.

  51. Hi there!…..I am Zimbabwean national and I am looking for funds as I am about to start up my political part in Zimbabwe. Everyone knows how Zimbabwe was before and how Zimbabwe is right now as we speak. This political part which is about to started it\’s aim is to change living conditions of people of Zimbabwe. I am willing to restore and develop my country than ever before.The funds will be used to campaign in every corner of Zimbabwe and in return to you I am going to favour you,thankful you and opportunity will be available for everyone to invest within the country. I will also found orphan,widower and old age care.I am make sure Zimbabwe is great country to live in so that all my fellow sisters and brothers who are being slavery in other countries will be come back to their country of birth. Thank you.


  53. I am job ogallo ,the program coordinator of community peer support services organization operating in kibera slums in nairobi~kenya.we are currently in dire need of urgent funds to implement an emergency peace project in our area which currently faces serious political violence following the just concluded general election.kindly assist us inorder to help the situation by preaching peace among our youths .

  54. I have started my new Building & Maintenance company but I am unable to get insurance cover, get consultant to write up my business plan, Company Profile and some major tools to assist me in this business as I am only beginning to face financial constraint in the above company needs.
    Godfrey Jordan Abage
    Papua New Guinea
    New Ireland Province.

  55. I am a youth who has passion to eradicate poverty and provide food security. Please i need fund to start up a farming business so i can help the less priviledge. I want to start up tomatoes,pepper and snail farms that will make me to employ some youths.

  56. I am a teacher and l want to start my own pre-school but l don\’t have the means. I need a grant to secure a place.

  57. I am looking for financial assistance in a form of loan grants to support my small to expand, if somebody could help me with a loan or grants to support me expand my business

  58. Hallo!! I have been receiving email since last month. I am pleased with grant funds and wanted to seek some start my business. How do I apply for it or is any one being the successful candidate here? please!! reply my comment.

  59. I have two groups of youths, both of the group are 32 people. One group has a pig project and the other one is struggling to establish poultry farm. I would like to know how I can assist these groups to access grants from your organization. The groups are based in Dar es Salaam.

  60. I am working in a autistic association. I provide roller therapy as well as eye contact method and make the one to speak and go back to normal life. I have 120 autistic children. Among them 112 have gone to normal life. I offer theem all free. So, I need fund to continue the organization. please give me the guideline to get fund.

  61. This is an interesting forum however the answers are with all of us who have written the many messages. Please take time to conceptualize on what do we want to do, how, when and how much will it cost. I want to believe that the contacts will give you information and updates on information regarding the availability of resources and you need to apply according to layed down terms and conditions. Just by doing the doing the right thing or responding appropriately you or I will access the needed resources. I hope this may be helpful to all!

  62. Hi, I do agree with you grantsfunds responding to proposal requests is a challenge to most of us! And the most challenge is acquiring the needed experience in doing this work.
    I hope the updates will be frequent and that the calls will be in consideration to the Kenyan or regional environment. Many apply and many do not qualify hence getting discouraged but all of us need to be encouraged and keep the struggle.
    I am looking forward to a time of continued interactions and learning more on this art of fundraising.


    Mzungu ngoma

  63. Hi. We have a Co operative in Mpumalanga. We are manufactures. We need funds to sustain our business as we started without any capital. We cant grow. we wish to start manufacturing gowns, towels, vests and uniform. Kindly help us. This is my cell no. 0761901188. Regards Grace Dlezi.

  64. I\’m a poultry n livestock farmer based in the northwest region of Cameroon.
    I wish to expand my farm through the benefit s from your grants.
    I\’m I eligible to benefit.

  65. Hi,I have always had a passion for poultry farming.I\’ve done my research and indeed there is a vibrant market for chicken and eggs.Kindly,receive my request of 800 dollar\’s.

  66. How can i get a grand for my organisation which we deal with community projects eg charity, clean ups, Farming, etc

  67. we need funds for community water treatment plant . The mine has created a dam for the community water purifications . We need about k 3m to fix everything .

  68. Yes!! but they will not give you direct funds, the best they do is to direct and give you links, guideline how you can ho about

  69. Hello fellow grant seeker,
    Note they grands will not just fall from heaven, it will require your tactical writing skills and convincing approach in your proposal to the donors, otherwise grant will not come out of blue or mercy,

    Beside most of grants here are funded within America

    It seems we have long way to go, my fellow africans

  70. Am looking for grand to run organization called EYED MALAWI mean Empowerment of Youth on Economy and Development in Malawi we have new Program called Youth Investing in Modern Farming Project this program help youth to learn and running modern agricultural techniques as your aware the Malawi population are dominated by the youth 74% are age of 15-35 we need support .We are looking forward for help ,Malawi is in southern Africa .

  71. Could you please support us to building The community library in Kilwa district in Lindi Region at Tanzania.To reduce literate people in Tanzania,and to cultures people important of reading books.
    From Upendo youth development organization (UYODEO)

  72. am sesaazi Peterson we organized ourselves into a housing cooperative. with the aim of buying land and then we do the construction of affordable houses any grants available for houses cooperative so that we develop the community together in a good way. great thanks from wakiso destiny housing cooperative society

  73. One of the two Directors of Aquaprime International Kenya.
    Aquaprime deals with Swimming pools construction . Supplies and sales of swimming pool chemicals and accessories, conduct swimming pool attendants and Lifesaving courses.
    Kindly requesting for financial assistance.
    Ayub Osoro
    Construction Engineer,
    Aquaprime International Kenya

  74. Hello !
    The Agropastoral Society of Kivu deals with agriculture. It is looking for financial means to strengthen its agricultural activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are soliciting your financial support.

    Thank you

  75. Kamahanga united fish farmer\’s association found in Kisinga community Kasese,Uganda.
    we are very much committed to improve on production, fish market is big as we share border with D.R.C. we have reliable water net work systems.
    We lack technology, knowledge, volunteers and some financial aid to develop a fully self sustainable project.
    May we know if our challenges could meet your funding procedures?

  76. Hi my name is Thuli Mhlanzi from South Africa . I would like to apply for grants in Youth Development & Empowerment Programs in my community as a whole .Since im veey much interested in Youth development the reason why its because i spent 4 yrs as a youth ambassador so working with them and understanding the challenges they are facing in our community is very high. the unemplyment. poverty. unequality lackong of skills are some of them. please o would like you to assist me onhow can we address such matter through getting funds.

  77. Hello, I have started a building and construction and fuel distribution company. It looks very potentious but financial constraints has been a burden for my company to grow quicker.

    Can you help with a grant?

  78. Achaia Humanitarian Advocacy NPC, is a South African registered entity.The organisation seeks funds for recovery, rehabilitation and education of displaced & substance abusers from grade 8 tto university/vocational graduation.Our business plan template is ready for perusal on request.Our project is estimated to accommodate 2000 children over a 8-year period per cycle..Operations budget p/a is projected @ R5.9m and capital budget @ R52m.

  79. I have not read anything about a positive venture anyone had with you Grants funds.If you find that people are unable to follow your instructions ,can\’t you make it easier for them/

  80. We have an initiative of eradicating poverty among the rural communities of northern Uganda and southern ends of the war torn south Sudan. We open up Habitat Microfinance Initiative to be the leading player. how can we get grants to support such an initiative?

    Tabani David
    Executive Director
    Habitat Microfinance Imitative
    +256 782 060 322

  81. I\’m Aloyce from Tanzania east Africa IRINGA Region MAKETE district I believe in your all task done by your self is a chairperson of new project of supporting the released prisoners from the prison to work as the team to raise there economic status we have plan to open the pyrethium farms as the starting point then we can sit to see the best way of broadening out project

  82. I started a small egg producing company in February 2017.Now there is a great demand.I want to extend the shed and buy more laying hens.How can I get financial assistance or grant.Please help.

  83. please help am at Mtubatuba and want to start an internet café that will including a computer college,I got the space but financially I cannot afford to start that some kind of a business,that\’s why I contact you to assist me with financial muscle.thank you

  84. hello
    m embarking on an electronics school in my area. i nid to procure all da necessary equipment n tools for da project.

    m also into a goat rearing project n i nid to sink two perennial boreholes to water my goats. 1 borehole is costing US$7000 inluding tanks n pumps.

    pliz help

  85. Sir/madam
    My name is Xhanti, im a South African and I would like to get funds I\’m doing art I would like to introduce more artworks that I strongly believe will sell but because seasons differ I struggle to get them to Galleries. Can you help?

  86. I\’m so excited to discover that there are people like you whom God can use to help and assist others who are struggling with their lives like me.
    I\’m a small musician, involved in the ministry of training young children to wordhip God. We have in the recording studio but can\’t afford the bill.

    In fact, our goal is especially to start up a recording studio so that we may help other emerging children musicians. I come from Burundi, the poorest tiny and war torn country for many decades.

    We really need benevolents who can assist us in the project.

  87. I would like to know how to apply for a grand for building an orphanage .
    I have 55 double orphans in my center called Salvation center for orphans.
    In Uganda Africa.

  88. I am leving in karachi pakistan my adderess 187 /II Sanbor cottage Sector II-K north karachi .Iam unmared person I have no Shatler living in my friends home i am working in financial market in pakistan last 6 month i have no job in hand please help us any job or cash grent for me thk

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  90. Please, I don\’t want to receive emails from grant funds anymore. I am not interested in it. I tried but it\’s refusing to unsubscribe. How do I stop these emails from coming to my mail box.

  91. Hi I need grand for my company it is a start up I do marketing a lot and I\’m going to workshops even now am up and down


    I would like to ask you a sponsorship so that I can finalize my studies MBA here at Unicaf University in Malawi. I have already started and paid for the first months but failing to pay in future just because I do not have resources now.

    I am JACKSON NEMEYIMANA fluent in English, French, Esperanto, Kiswahili and little Chichewa. I have got a Bachelor of Business Administration with 79.6%, 3 years online Diploma in Liberal Studies from Regis University with GPA 3.822 through JC:HEM, 3 years diploma of Psychology and Pedagogy, certificates of higher education facilitation skills, Medical Laboratory, computing, domestic sciences and English. Additionally, I was working with Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) adult education, women centre, Umodzi Katubza full primary school, Mtendere Respite care, Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins in helping diploma students, Red Cross in construction of houses of vulnerable people, teaching at Crazmatic high schools, voluntarily interpreting in UNHCR surveys, voluntarily making projects under Pentecostal Churches Community, and directing some weddings in our community. All of these activities and experiences have been part of business administration life.

    Moreover, I have applied and I am doing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) because it is part of my life and the skills involved will help me to develop my knowledge and experience and improve my career. I am interested and motivated to get this opportunity of continuing further with my education in order to empower my brothers and sisters anywhere in the world to be responsible and independent in their lives, and intelligently and effectively make a positive contribution to the welfare of our society. I will lead them to life decisions and that will provide opportunities for personal and professional development.

    To quote to what Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the first weapon which we can use to change the world”, it will change and transform my knowledge in order to get a good employment in future. It will open doors of success in management, accounting, finance and marketing in public and private sectors. It will help me to promote research and development by facilitating the community in decision making and resolution of business problems and conflicts. I am sure that after completing my studies at this University, I will rise up the lives of people through research and development services.

    My ability to work well in a team or leading a team has been demonstrated in a number of activities and experiences in different settings. I am a hardworking student with an ability to meet deadlines and produce a work to a high standard in Business Administration. I am also proud of my creative ability that I have in creating solutions to contemporary business problems.
    Please, assist me!

    Unicaf University +265-017-554-73

    Thank you for your understanding

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  94. I am Rose Ruzabila from Ngara Tanzania. I ask a Grant for my Ministry of Children for Building a Center in Foundation of Sunday school program and start Kindergartens in our local Churches.for the future with good Education. Please may your Contact us via my email to GIVE a grants for 2018? God bless you, please I hope to get your help.
    I am the Sunday school Coordinator and Chairperson of Children Ministry in Lake Zone.

  95. I\’m seeking grants to register for trademarks & patent in America for my Invent STIPS TECH SYSTEM INSTRUMENT stales natural disasters of storms tornadoes hurricanes typhoons and cyclones.

  96. Muhinya Yosam from Uganda looking for funding for less privileged and disability project in Buliisa Uganda.this is skills development and income generating activities. please access me for more discussion

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  98. Hi, God bless you for this program.
    I am servant of God in Kenya, I need your assistance in how to get fund from you to build a Church, school and children\’s home. Please let me know through this cell number +254724401948 or Email. Thanks, and God be with you always.

  99. God bless you for the work done.
    Am the chairman for the community organisation ,this organization cares for orphans accessing education i the community known as (CBO)
    Our challenges are as follows.
    (1) construction
    (2) feeding
    (1) buying exercise books and clothing.
    May we be helped?
    Hopping to hear from you soon!
    God bless

  100. We Are Having A Place Where To Build A Children Home But We Dont Have Money For The Project. How Can We Get Helped.

  101. Am Angelline kivue am a single mother of one Girl who is in secondary school here in Kenya,I support my daughter education and our upkeep through my small grocery business, I would kindly ask for any assistance to expand my grocery shop to cater for our growing demand.Thanks in advance.

  102. Always having a vision of starting a vocational center for the persons with disability and the less fortunate in the society. Land available but no funds to start the project. I will be happy to be guided on how to get grants towards such a project in kenya, Homa bay County.

  103. Am Henry Gitonga Karaigua from Tharaka nithi county Kenya. Kindly send me details on how to expand our chicken programme

  104. please I\’m sorry stop writing to me.because it looks like you are deceiving people too much of sending mails will not help me stop. And give me rest of not receiving your mails.

  105. hie can you help our organisation here in Lesotho .we have a project to create employment for unemployed graduates as there is high percentage/maestros leadership team/lesotho


  107. Greetings to you! My name is Ruth Chikombe. I am a teacher working in the rural part of Zambia in Luapula Province, Mwansabombwe district. I love the work I do because it had always been my passion since I finished high school. My Speciality is teaching learners who are in grade 1 to Grade 7. At the moment, I\’m managing grade two learners who are aged between 7 and 10 years. Frankly speaking, when I look at these learners, I feel touched and sorry for them. The reason is that most of these learners come from poor families which do not even manage to buy school shoes for them. Its sad to say that these learners come to school bare footed, some just put on flip flops, they do not have school bags, they do not have enough exercise books and other school requirements. In winter, these learners come to school without warm clothes or sweaters simply because they do not have and their parents cannot afford to buy them sweaters. Most of these learner\’s parents are farmers and fishermen who cannot afford even three meals in a day. I feel bad for them because I\’m unable to help them because I do not earn enough money to support my family and my learners. I\’m the only person working in my family. Kindly help me come up with a foundation for these learners. I\’m kindly asking if you can help by sending a little that you have, clothes that you are no longer using, school bags and school shoes so that we can donate to these little ones so that you and I can touch their lives and make their schooling days better. I would be glad if my wish for my learners would come true.

  108. Johannes Kwatlhai I need help support donations funds so gives help support donations funds iam looking for some one can help Mr crazy voices who can imitation animals sound\’s so I need help about teachers principals criminal abuse my idea\’s stealing my idea\’s desannas schools in braamfisher primaries schools and clinics in Soweto locations my projects to buildings schools paving street teachers principals criminal abuse my idea\’s stealing my idea\’s stealing my projects to buildings schools paving street teachers principals criminal abusing Mr johannes Kwatlhai

  109. I\’m Sedie, i want to start a community work where to assist youth who are having a problem of substance abuse that leads to mental illnesses, teenage pregnancies and HIV/ AIDS.

    I have just completed a structure where these services will be rendered. Financial assistance will be appreciated.

  110. Hello Sir/Madam, my name is cosmas from uganda.I\’m a married man with a family of five children and a Lord fearing father.It\’s exciting that today i have had an opportunity to share my life challenges with you .In 2013, on top of the two children i had, God again added us three babies(triplets) at once ,we were overwhelmed with joy amidist the very multiple financial consequences around it.But because we are believers, our hopes remained alive to date till i looked around the universe to see who can be touched to touch my situation.As i speak these children have all grown and are in school BUT the biggest challenge on me is school fee\’s which i can\’t afford at the moment given my low income earning.
    As if that wasn\’t enough a year ago , my small plot of land that i was planning to settle with this family was grabbled by the so called rich heartless people and as i speak we are homeless and the only way is rent accomodation.This is very challenging on my side as a family because No Land lord wants to rent out his or her house to me because of the big family i has and yet even rent itself is not there to pay in time.
    Life to us seem meaning less but because of the faith we have , our hopes are still high that our saviour is soon making a miracle change in our lives and we shall not remain the same.
    Because of all those i looked round for support and i came across you as our only saviour out of this miserable life by either donating OR giving me A GRANT in form of aLOAN to start up a business and even rise our faith much high than now.My contacts are,Mobile No:+256702602736.
    I will be very greatful as you allow God to use you reach and end our suffering.

  111. Hi good day i am a single mom i would like to apply for money to open an oldage home that will accomodate 30people.There is such a need for it.It will also be run as a day care centre where the elderly will be doing knitting of baby clothes to newborn babies who dont have any clothing escpecialy in the townships and rural maternity unites.We will also provide hiv babies with clothes.

  112. I want to help about 150 destitute families with food parcels or to organize cooking for them. They are staying in a squatter camp, although most of them are not working, I think providing food to them will put a great impact to their lives.

  113. My name is Alemayehu Lebeta from Ethiopia. I have been accepted to attend the 2018 Diploma in development leadership at Coady international institute in Canada. Total program costs are 18, 000 Canadian dollars, The institution awarded me the scholarship of 13, 200 Canadian dollars and travel awards from my home country to Canada and return back flight. To be able to attend the education program, I am requisted to cover the remaining 4,800 Canadian dollars and costs for processing Visa. However, my monthly is too low to cover even the family expenses. Therefore, I am looking for a sponsorship who could help me in covering part of the amount due. I wish God\’s love and blessings.

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  115. Sir/madam,
    I wrote requesting for accommodation and upkeep early 12/01/2018. But what is always send to me is scholarship studies ,I am 65yrs.
    I am a south Sudanese displaced by the war.
    Now I am in Uganda.
    Contact:+256786162584.I am Charles Salah eldin Omwony.

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  118. My name is Matthew from Nigeria. I acknowledged your kind gesture. Pls I pastor a local parish that is face with lot of challenges:- lack of water, unemploy youth, widows and aged who need to be cater for. We solicit for help.

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