Motivational Funding

How many times have you said to yourself that you would love to start your own business or return to school? What about the possibility of contributing to research opportunities in your career field such as medicine or education? There has been an abundance of thought put into it I’m sure but what will it take to motivate you to put those thoughts into action? For many, the answer to this question may be time, resources or other factors. However, the largest motivation to get up and get moving will come if the money is available.

Money is a major motivator for those looking to begin ventures such as education, new businesses and research. This motivational tool becomes even greater when the money is available for free. Yes! Money that doesn’t have to be repaid will definitely stimulate most people to get up and get moving towards their goals.

That’s exactly why grants are considered major means of motivation. They allow individuals to acquire funding for research, education and start-up businesses without and investment of their own as well as no need to repay the funds. This is typically the type of motivation that many individuals need to make the move towards successful endeavors.

One of the most beneficial factors of applying for grants is the fact that there is an ease of the application process. They are easily accessed once they are located and plentiful to say the least. It is understood that if there is too much of a hassle in the process of applying, many people will become frustrated and not complete the process correctly and some not at all.

Classes and seminars are often available to make the availability of grants known to many. Some people don’t apply simply because they don’t know that these funds are out there. Once word gets out, it begins to spread and it becomes a motivational rally. Everyone becomes motivated to do the things they never thought possible but now made possible through grants. Grant funding is meant to inspire and motivate the wants and desires of individuals to grow in research, education and other areas as well.

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  1. Dear helper how are you? please i am a pastor looking for the money for buy a church land we need 65,000us dollars for the glory of the lord please help us to buy the land if you are touched to donate any thing you can send it on my credit account number 48606135450045 by the name of katwesime yoramu wilsin kazibwe
    or you can call me on +256 782 342 594
    thank you very much

  2. Dear helper,
    I am a student from Nepal persuing Pharm D. course in India. I am a daughter of Pastor K.B. Sunuwar. We don\’t have any source of income beside his pension so it\’s difficult for our family to look after me and my study. We are also in debt of around 25,000 US dollar. So if you can help me and my family it will be very great help for us. If u can\’t then also please keep us in your prayers so it would be helpful for us.
    Hoping for your reply.
    Thank you!

  3. dear sir or madam thanks first and congralation to help us I\’m a Kenyan and my name is Alinoor I want to start small business please of planting beans, banana and cabbage please I lack support please kindly help me with KSH 250, 000 my contacts 0716592947

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  14. dear friends my name is taphurother mutange iam a kenyan citithen iam 53 years old iam working with ovcs orphans and vulnarable children so request is can you help me to cater for the children since we have an education centre in kangemi slums were by we teach to read and write we also are teaching how to become good people in future by teaching them the word of god so we do not have funds to keep them going it will be good if you will help.

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